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Journal for America’s Byways

Published by America’s Byways Resource Center in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, this periodical shares professional and scholarly information, insights and news about topics important to the byway community.

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Conserving Our Treasured Places: Managing Visual Quality on Scenic Byways

Created in collaboration with Scenic America, this easy-to-use manual and two-day workshop program guides communities through the scenic conservation planning process, including how to engage key partners; assess, inventory and map visual resources along the byway; identify and prioritize scenic issues; and develop a scenic conservation strategy.

Also online at Scenic America at

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Marketing Your Byway – Series

This guide provides an introduction to basic marketing plan development, communication plan development and online strategies.

  • Volume I
    Defining Your Target Markets and Messages: An Introduction to Basic Marketing for America’s Byways®
    (PDF, .txt)
  • Volume II
    Delivering Your Message: An Introduction to Marketing Tactics for America’s Byways®
    (PDF, .txt)
  • Volume III
    Defining Your Message Online: An Introduction to Online Strategies for America’s Byways®, Revised Second Edition
    (PDF, .txt)
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Making The Grassroots Grow: Building And Maintaining Effective Byway Organizations

An in-depth reference guide that presents basic organizational concepts, case studies and best practices from the National Scenic Byways Program.

Historic Roads

From Milestones to Mile-markers: Understanding Historic Roads

From Milestones to Mile-markers: Understanding Historic Roads (2004), a collaborative publication effort of the America’s Byways Resource Center and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, explains how to identify a historic road, define the elements that make it historic and determine the appropriate course of action to manage a scenic byway with historic intrinsic qualities and resources. Request a PDF from the author, Paul Daniel Marriott, via his website at

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Wayshowing For Byways: A Reference Manual

The wayfinding needs of byway travelers and wayshowing services provided with byways are essential for an effective and rewarding byway travel experience. Wayfinding for Byways: A Reference Manual, authored by David L. Dahlquist Associates, provides a comprehensive review of wayfinding and wayshowing pertaining to byways. Visit to download a copy of the manual or contact David L. Dahlquist at for more information.