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In the region with the largest Amish settlement in the nation, fewer know that right next door to the beautifully detailed, 28-room Victorian mansion that houses the Holmes County Historical Society, is the Millersburg Glass Museum. The museum features the largest public display of Millersburg Carnival and Crystal glass produced right in Millersburg between 1909-1912. This striking collection was produced by John Fenton, one of America’s true glass master craftsmen. He created some of the finest, most incredible glass in the world while he was the owner of the Millersburg Glass Company. Thirty years after his death, Millersburg Carnival Glass came to be known as the finest Carnival Glass in America. The most valuable piece of glass is the cobalt blue People’s Vase. Of the eight People’s Vases know today, three of them reside at the Millersburg Glass Museum. They were created to honor the Dutch Royal Family in 1910.


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