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Appalachian Byway of OhioFew may know that the Appalachians run through Ohio on their way between the southern New York and Alabama and Georgia, or that the 105-mile Appalachian Ohio Byway will take you through this unique area of the state.

Like so many other parts of Appalachia, the foothills here contained major deposits of coal, natural gas, and Marcellus Shale, creating a cultural heritage inextricably linked to mining, extraction, rugged mountain landscapes, the hard work it took to dig the coal from underground, and the tight-knit communities of the region.

Winding through this region of Ohio which is rich in both history and natural beauty, you’ll discover old-fashioned food, fairs, and festivals, in towns populated by the region’s artisans, musicians, museums, historic landmarks, and country stores.

Appalachian Ohio Byway Many are surrounded by timeless farms and orchards. As mining has declined, the towns have settled into quaint communities still celebrating their timeless way of life focused on the family. Be sure to learn more about the region’s mining history at the Miner’s Memorial Park, where the famed “Big Muskie” dragline bucket on display. 

Big Muskie - Appalachian Ohio Byway