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Adam Hlasny

Education, Communications
Southern New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission, General John Stark, Robert Frost/Old Stage Coach, Upper Lamprey NH Scenic Byways
438 Dubuque Street
Manchester, NH 03102

Adam Hlasny has over a decade of experience as a Regional Transportation Planner and has worked closely with three Scenic Byway councils in Southern New Hampshire since 2012. He initiated a NH Scenic Byways Networking Committee, which has held an annual Statewide Forum since 2017. He is passionate about travel, having visited 35 states and aspiring to visit the remaining 15 by age 50. His first book, Given Latitude, chronicles a North American road trip along the 43rd parallel, and was published in August 2019. Born and raised in NH’s Lakes Region, he now lives in the Granite State’s largest city with his wife Alyse and daughter Julia.