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Committee: Development, Co-Chair
Old Canada Road Scenic Byway
27 Elm Street
Skowhegan, ME 04976

Bob Haynes has served as coordinator for the Old Canada Road Scenic Byway for the past 25 years. His years of involvement with Old Canada Road and the Maine Byways program have created an understanding and importance of Scenic Byways to rural areas in the state of Maine and across the country. One of the most fulfilling projects he has worked on with so many more talented Foundation members and partners is working to get the Byway program again funded and working for all the byway leaders around the country. Professionally has a BS in Forest Management from the University of Maine and has spent more than 40 years working in the timber industry in Maine. He is the father of two and now has six grandchildren. He has numerous volunteer activities including serving as Coburn Park Commissioner, the Somerset Woods Trustees, and other land trust boards. In his spare time, he is the resident steward of his historic home in Skowhegan.