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The Colorado River Headwaters National Scenic Byway begins right at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. Before you reach that Byway, travel the Trail Ridge Road Scenic Byway through the park, winding through 50 miles of forest and mountain landscapes. The incredibly scenic road moves through landscapes typical of the higher regions of the central Rocky Mountains. Countless breathtaking vistas range from 8,000 to 14,259 feet in the third of the park above the tree line. You can take a five-minute stroll to a magnificent view of Forest Canyon, Hayden Gorge and Gorge Lakes. Stand on the Rock of the Rockies at Rock Cut and Rainbow Curb which is elevated more than two miles above sea level.  Trail Ridge Road joins the Colorado River Headwaters at Grand Lake, one of a dozen magnificent alpine lakes that feed the Colorado River.  It’s the same river that cut the Grand Canyon, on its way to the west coast.


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