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Featured on the Creole Nature Trail All American Road, the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Wetland Walkway lets you walk for a mile and a half over the freshwater marsh, to see gators, birds and other wetland wildlife in their natural habitat. The marsh is the wintering ground for waterfowl who fly in from the north and the permanent home of furbearers, deer, freshwater fish, alligators, and resident birds. There is also a nursery area for many different marine species. Both diving and dabbling ducks frequent the marsh all year, but are more common during the fall, winter and early spring. Dabbling ducks feed on seeds and vegetation in the shallow water, by tilting with heads down and tails up. Diving ducks disappear completely as they feed, usually in open water which can be as deep as 50 feet. Dabblers spring from the water to fly while divers patter across the water before taking flight. The boardwalk, trails, observation decks, and interpretive signs all make the experience both informative and enjoyable.


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