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We’ve all heard of Australia’s Outback. Few know that America too has an Outback. It’s in Louisiana, surrounding the 180-mile Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. Locals call it America’s Last Great Wilderness; wild, rugged terrain with marshlands teeming with life, 26 miles Gulf beaches and unique creatures of all kinds.

The route travels through thousands of acres of untouched wetlands, blessed with beautiful scenery. Three National Wildlife Refuges, Cameron Prairie, Sabine, and Lacassine, plus a bird sanctuary allow you to get up close and personal with the wildlife.

In fact, the Wetland Walkway in Sabine enables you to walk out onto the marsh and see alligators, birds, and animals in their natural habitats.

As you travel near the Gulf, the combination of fresh and saltwater provides a unique habitat with intertwining ecosystems of coastland and marshland.

As with so many places in Louisiana, the stories abound. Legendary pirate Jean Lafitte, who marauded in the area was only one of the colorful characters who came to seek their fortunes in the untamed land. Learn about them all as you take this truly extraordinary journey in the American south.  

Creole Nature Trail - Louisiana