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In one of the most beautiful and historic compact locations in America, the du Pont family left a magnificent unparalleled collection of estates, gardens and other gorgeous creations delivering visions of a vanished century. It takes an entire day or two to visit them all on the Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway, yet they all are worth the time. Hagley is the location of the original gunpowder works founded by E.I. du Pont in 1802. In addition to the ancestral home, the village of mills, worker’s housing and more have been restored for a very informative experience. Alfred du Pont built Nemours, designed by a prestigious New York firm in the 18th century French chateau style, for his new wife. Its traditional style belies all the latest technology and inventions he installed. Henry Francis du Pont built Winterthur, which now hosts the premier museum of American decorative arts, with an unparalleled collection of nearly 90,000 objects made or used in America between about 1640 and 1860, displayed in the magnificent 175-room house surrounded by a 1,000 acre estate.  Pierre du Pont created Longwood Gardens in a small farm be purchased in 1906, with his first garden still the most popular today. Visit them all to discover the story of this unique family.


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