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Imagine driving through an art gallery that is miles, not blocks log.  46 miles to be exact, where drawings, paintings and carvings emerge as a panorama of visual delight.  Nine Mile Canyon, the  “World’s Longest Art Gallery” is the crowning glory of rock art in southeastern Utah.  This Bureau of Land Management Back Country Byway is tucked between the curves of Dinosaur Diamond National Prehistoric Byway. Within this visual textbook of life within the many cultures who have occupied the area through the ages, most of the rock art panels were left behind by the Fremont culture, who lived in the canyon 1,000 years ago.  In fact, there is speculation that the Great Hunt Panel illustrates a real battle that took place here. In total, there are 10,000 individual images, spread out in over 1,000 archaeological sites. These are irreplaceable cultural resources that should never be touched, disturbed or rubbed with chalk.   To experience Nine Mile Canyon up close and personal, stay at Nine Mile Ranch, a loving restoration of the ancestral home owned by the owners grandparents.

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