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Amelia Island, the Isle of Eight Flags,  which anchors one end of the A1A Ocean Islands Trail is one of the most historic places in the American South. The island’s rich and tumultuous history had a dramatic impact on the town today. The earliest inhabitants were the Timucuan  Indians who lived on the island from about 2500 B.C. until 1563 A.D. when the first group of European settlers arrived. Over the next 400 years, the region was dominated by eight different flags, including the French, the British and the Spanish, each leaving a different cultural mark on the area. Gazing down present day Center Street, in Fernandina’s historic district, old world charm is everywhere. Gently swaying Spanish moss and live oaks line the cobblestone streets and quaint shops intermingled with lovely Victorian architecture makes the island a delightful  location for small town coastal living. When you visit, be sure to take the guided Eight Flags Tour, which highlights the events and people that shaped the region.


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