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If you’re into gorgeous views high up on a rocky bluff, the best view of the Mississippi River from the Wisconsin side is at the Nelson Dewey State Park. Yet, there’s more than just views. Wisconsin’s Great River Road bisects a region with the world’s largest concentration of thousand-year-old Native American effigy mounds—massive earthworks formed in the shapes of bears, falcons, and water spirits. These archaeological treasures can be found in countless parks and natural areas, usually on the precipice of rugged bluffs that rise 500 feet above the Mississippi River. The Mound Point Trail takes you to the Indian mounds in the park.  In addition to the mounds, Nelson Dewey also hosts the Stonefield State Historic Site that was the home of Wisconsin’s first governor, the State Agricultural Museum and a recreated 19th century village. Take the time to visit all the historic sites while enjoying the natural beauty of the river.


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