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Located on the Lakes to Locks Passage All America Road, which travels from New York’s Erie Canal to the Canadian border, following a ribbon of lakes along the way, Fort Ticonderoga preserves the largest series of untouched Revolutionary War era earthworks surviving in America. The Fort, named “Ticonderoga” from an Iroquois meaning junction of two waterways, played a critical role in both the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution. In 1758,4,000 French troops repelled an attack by 16,000 British troops. In 1775, during the Revolutionary War the Green Mountain Boys and Benedict Arnold capture the fort in a surprise attack. Again, in 1777, the fort fell back into American hands after another British attack. Today, Fort Ticonderoga is more than a historic fort, it has been transformed into a destination experience, with a boat trip, dining and other visitor experiences.

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