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Famous for the great stories and myths told by the locals about the area, the Myths and Legends Scenic Byway is home to the Leatherwood Museum, which dates back to 1888.  Before it was a museum the building had a number of different lives, including a railroad company house, a hospital, a boarding house, and even a family home. Today, you’ll discover “a whole heap of real fine treasures” in a building that is as original as possible, including a sleeping porch and dining room furnished with original pieces and blue carnival dishes. Exhibits include period furniture from the turn of the century, a matching set of tiger oak bed and dresser, a doll collection, military room featuring War Maneuvers, an agriculture exhibit, a walking stick made from a tree from President Jackson’s Hermitage Farm in Tennessee, early dental and medical equipment, and a Native American with one of the largest arrowhead and point collection in the area.


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