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The purpose of the new NSBF Byway Awards program is to recognize the successes of individual byways or a collection of byways, their communities and their leaders. Awards recognition will serve as a member benefit in added publicity and an example to other byway organizations. The awards program is open to current NSBF members only. Contact if you are unsure about your current membership status.

2020 NSBF Organization Awards: given in even-numbered years, beginning in 2020 at the Heartland Byway Conference, April 14-16, 2020. Up to eight award recipients from eight categories to be recognized. The 2020 Awards application is available here. Deadline for applications: February 28, 2020

  1. Byway Innovation Award (innovative byway practices not fitting in other award categories)
  2. Public-Private Partnership Award (multi-partner, multi-industry projects, etc.)
  3. Interpretation Award (educational project, signage, panels, with emphasis on your Byway’s Intrinsic Qualities, etc.)
  4. Leveraging Resources Award (fundraising, resources, in-kind, etc.)
  5. Marketing and Communications Award (best use of technology: byway website, app, innovation, news program feature, byway newsletter, etc.)
  6. Visitor Experience Award (additional experiential opportunities), new museums, additional training program for volunteers, with emphasis on your Byway’s Intrinsic Qualities, etc.
  7. Scenic Viewshed Improvement Award (protection, restoration, innovation; with emphasis on your Byway’s Intrinsic Qualities, etc.)
  8. Expanding Knowledge Award (research studies, surveys, innovative stakeholder engagement, etc.)

2021 NSBF Community Awards: given in odd numbered years, beginning in 2021. Winners will be recognized in their state/region/community along their byways.

  1. Byway Beautification Award (aesthetic or environmental enhancement projects with consideration of its relation to your Intrinsic Qualities, etc.)
  2. Byway Community Event/Activity Award (authentic events, volunteer events, etc.)