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Thinking back to Indiana in the 1840s, steamboats plied the Ohio River quickly moving commerce from place to place. In Indiana, The Ohio River Scenic Byway follows the river which brought enormous wealth to its banks. Early pioneer James Lanier chose to settle here after a very successful career as a lawyer, banker and investor in Indiana’s first railroad. And what a house he built!  The gracious Greek Revival style was selected from a 19th century pattern book produced by a famous New York architect.  Brick, limestone and tulip poplar were either manufactured nearby, or cut on site. Lanier only lived in the house a very short time, before his son took over and put in a coal furnace, gas lighting, plumbing and bathtubs. You will enjoy strolling the large, elaborate gardens that Alexander created with two green houses and a staff of gardeners. While working to bring the mansion back to its 1844 style, archaeologists have discovered dog kennels, a poultry house, greenhouses, cisterns, the carriage house and more.


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