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Ohio River Scenic Byway logo - IndianaOver 300 miles of scenic roadway follows the southern border of Indiana along the Ohio River, taking you through one of the most historic areas in the country, inhabited since 1000 A.D. 

Nationally recognized, Angel Mounds State Historic Site is one of the best-preserved prehistoric Native American sites in America. Outdoor trails through a reconstructed village reveal the story of the Middle Mississippian culture active in the area until 1450 A.D.

New Harmony was home to the very self-sufficient Harmonists who moved here from Pennsylvania in 1814 and back again in 1824.  Begin your visit at the Visitor Center to learn the full story of their communal way of life.  Ohio River Byway - Indiana

In great contrast to the lifestyle supported in New Harmony, Historic Downtown Newburgh is a typical historic town with antique shops, quaint dining, and walking trails along the river. The Reitz Home, dating from 1871, illustrates the elegance of the Victorian period on the boundary between the North and South. Damask-covered walls, hand-painted ceilings, French gilt chandeliers, and luxuries grace the entire property. 

The beautiful retreat at Saint Meinrad Archabbey was founded by Benedictine monks in 1854. Also visit Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home from 1816 to 1830 and the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site, the state’s first capital. 

Ohio River Scenic Byway