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Delaware Greenways offers the byway traveler an excellent way to experience the nature, history, and culture of their state. Three distinct routes tell the story of ‘The First State’ – the Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway, the Delaware Bayshore Byway and the Historic Lewes Byway.

The Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway winds through the picturesque Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania and Delaware, known for its rolling hills, historic estates, and stunning gardens. Along the way in Delaware, prominent cultural institutions include the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Hagley Museum and Library, Nemours Mansion and Gardens, Winterthur Museum and Gardens, and Longwood Gardens. A portion of this byway overlaps with a section of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway traversing Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Slightly southeast of Wilmington, the Delaware Bayshore Byway takes you south on Route 9 for its 157-mile journey winding along the Delaware River until it enters the Delaware Bay at Liston Point. Breathtaking views of wetlands, wildlife, and small fishing towns await. Along the way, you will experience the charm and history of a colonial region, shaped by water.

The Delaware Bayshore Byway beckons you to come to “Delaware’s quieter and wilder side.” When you travel the byway, you are making a conscious decision to get off the crowded, bustling highway of modern America, and allow your senses to take in the majesty and power of the wildlife areas and coastal communities. You’ll witness historic buildings and locations that tell of Delaware’s and the nation’s past. The Bayshore area is a natural treasure which provides low-impact access to a premier natural and historic destination.

Fields, marshes, rivers and beaches of the Delaware Bayshore, stretch along one of the richest and most biodiverse regions in the nation. Stories of the birth of this nation, the creation of the First State, the tales of forts, fire towers and floating cabins abound. This is where crabbing is a way of life, birding can be a daily escape, hiking comes naturally, and the water beckons for you to explore.

South of Milton and the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, the Bayshore Byway yields to the Historic Lewes Byway. This 13-mile road network captures the modern history of the Lewes area. The byway takes visitors through the charming town of Lewes, which was founded by the Dutch in 1631 and renamed many times over the years. The character of the roads emphasizes the cultural evolution of the area with its natural beauty, maritime origins and rich history. Along the route there is access to miles of preserved beaches, open space, nature trails, bird sanctuaries, historic districts, a maritime waterfront, and a World War II fort.

These Delaware Byways provide plenty of opportunity for natural and cultural experiences while enjoying recreation in its many forms.


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