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There are 363 magnificent miles of the Pacific Coast Highway Scenic Byway to be explored on Oregon’s coast, uniquely preserved by an Oregon law enacted decades ago which prevented development and disruption along the coastline. This leaves every inch of wildlife refuge areas, untouched wild coastline and national recreation areas that line the ocean, open to exploration.

It’s a land of crashing waves and barking seals, coupled with astounding scenic beauty as you look out toward the sea. As you travel the roadway which hugs the coast, you’ll pass through quaint fishing villages and larger towns, famous for their art galleries and peaceful, coastal way of life. 

Don’t miss the Sea Lions Caves, where an elevator descends 208 feet to an observation area in a huge natural cavern, where Steller sea lions and other wildlife gather. Drive slowly as you explore this Byway, enjoying the dazzling scenery that surrounds you on every side, It’s a once in a lifetime feast for the senses.