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The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway is all about the wonderful Sandhill Cranes, which come and go on the North America flyway. But few know that a number of nationally recognized artists call this Byway region home. In this region, artists equal art galleries – lots of them. When you take the journey, take the time to stop in to each shop to discover the local creativity and get to know the artists at the following galleries: In Alliance: Carnegie Arts Center, Steph’s Studio, Special Stitches and Studio A.  In Ashby: CaLinda’s Pot Shop/Art Gallery.  In Bingham: Audrey Powles Photography and Design. In Dunning: Sandhills Pottery. In Grand Island: Studio K Art Gallery. In Merna: The Secret Garden. Mullen: Mullen Arts Center. And in Thedford: The Thedford Art Guild.

If you are traveling through mid September, but sure to check out the Hills 2 Forest Annual Middle Loup River Challenge and Leisure Float!  The Course consists of 28 mile competitive race and is filled with many challenges along the way. Or you can choose to leisurely float along side. There are several different vessel divisions to register for and there is a lot of wildlife all along the path of the race.  You may even see river otters along the way!

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