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On the Trail of the Ancients, America’s premier archaeological wonder, Mesa Verde National Park is one of the 50 must see places of a lifetime. The building of the expansive dugout area sheltered under a massive rock cliff, began about 600 A.D. It grew dynamically for the next 700 years, with the newest structures dating from about 1130 AD. Walking in the footsteps of the  ancient ones, tour the Cliff Palace, climb ladders into Balcony House, and walk into the Long House to hear the wind whispering through the shadowed rooms. While these locations can only be toured with a guide, you can take self-guided tours of Spruce Tree House, Step House, Badger House and other sites on Mesa Top.  The Far View Sites Complex can also be toured independently. Six-mile Mesa Top Loop Road takes you through 700 years of Mesa Verde history to several scenic outlooks including Sun Point and Sun Temple.  Prepare to be awestruck!

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