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RV Readiness for your Byway

Outdoor recreation is booming in the U.S. (it’s 2.2% of GDP,) and that includes RV travelers. According to the “RVs Move America Economic Impact Study,” the RV industry’s overall economic impact on the U.S. economy is $114 billion, which includes RV campgrounds and related travel, plus RV manufacturers, suppliers, sales, and service.

RV adventures are comfortable, kid-friendly, affordable, pet-friendly, and most importantly for many RV-ers, flexible. They attract a more varied demographic than you might expect, too. Your distinctive, eye-pleasing Scenic Byway, full of dramatic views along with places to stop and explore, is a perfect fit for such travelers. Are you ready for them?

Your hosts and speakers are Kevin Broom and Leslie McLellan.

Kevin is Director of Media Relations for the RV Industry Association and Go RVing. For the past 13 years, he’s led an award-winning media relations program positioning RVs and RV vacations as a fun, cost-effective way for families to escape the pressures of everyday life and enjoy seeing America and spending quality time together outdoors.

Leslie is a tourism professional in California with over 30 years of marketing expertise, and she’s been an RVer since 1998. She is part of Tourism Currents – offering digital destination marketing training and workshops – and has decades of experience in tourism, hotel, and resort marketing, and consulting.

A link to Kevin Broom’s slides can be accessed here.