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Byways Data Vault – HOW TO

The pdf form you received is formatted for you to type information directly into but it can also be printed.
If you print the form, please PRINT clearly and legibly.

Official Name of Byway – Please provide the OFFICIAL name of your byway (ie – the way you would like it to appear in a printed publication)

Designation – What is your highest national level of designation and what year was it attained? If you are an All-American Road, that is the highest level. If you were a National Scenic Byway but became an All-American Road then All-American Road is your current designation.

If your byway is not an All-American Road or a National Scenic Byway, what agency designated the byway and in what year?  BLM? USFWS? NPS? USFS? A state byway (if so, which state)?

Description of Byway – How do you describe your byway to potential visitors? Why should they visit your area/drive your byway?

Points of Interest/Attractions(format: name ; GIS coordinates):
Please select the top 5-10 places visitors choose to experience along your byway and provide their decimal, degree GIS coordinates. The easiest way to obtain GIS coordinates is via Google Earth. If you know the address, put the address in the Google Earth search bar and click “search”. The location on the map will show>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Then click the yellow pin at the top left above the map image (see below),






This will pull up>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




Copy/paste latitude….put a comma…then copy/paste longitude.

Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point; 30.211446, -93.376620
Rutherford Beach; 29.760051, -93.124192



If your point of interest/attraction does not have a physical address, search for it by searching town on google earth map, find the location and then click on the yellow pin button (as per above) and move it to where you want it to go and then get lat/long just like above.


Scenic Overlooks – same as POI/Attractions above (please do NOT duplicate)


Route Description: How does a visitor enter your byway route? Where do they turn?

Amish Country Byway
It is suggested that you enter the Amish Country Byway along the same corridor as the first Amish settlers did in 1808.
Coming from Interstate 77, the Dover exit, travel west along SR 39 where the Byway begins just past Sugarcreek/Shanesville.
Continue along 39 West, 21 miles through Berlin, and Millersburg to the intersection of SR 60 South, just past West Holmes High School on the north side of SR 39.
Turn south for 7 miles through the Village of Killbuck to US 62.
Turn left onto US 62 to Millersburg and Berlin headed east.
In Berlin continue east on US 62 approximately 7 miles to the junction of SR 515.
Turn south onto SR 515, a 5 mile drive to the Village of Walnut Creek.
The culmination of your double loop experience brings you to the junction of the territory’s original buffalo path, then Indian trail, turned white-man’s public road, back onto State Route 39.

Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway
The byway begins at the junction of I-70 and CO 65, just northeast of Palisades, CO.
From this junction, head west on CO 65 until it meets CO 330.
At this junction, continue on CO 65 heading south until it meets F.S. 100 Rd on the western side of the road, which is the beginning of westward spur.
Follow F.S. 100 Rd for about one mile before heading northwest on A. Rd for about ten miles.
After enjoying the beautiful scenery of Grand Mesa National Forest, head back to CO 65 and continue making your way south to Ceder Edge, where the byway ends.


Destination Marketing Organization: Who, besides your byway organization, MARKETS your byway as an attraction locally? This could be a tourist bureau, convention & visitors bureau, chamber of commerce, etc. (format: the official name of the organization; URL of the organization; local phone number including area code)

Visit Lake Charles;; 337-436-9588
Castle Country Travel Bureau;; 435-637-3009


Primary Partners who tell your byway story: Maybe a historical museum, local/state or federal park, etc. (format: the official name of the organization; URL; local phone number including area code)

Dinosaur Journey Museum;; 970-858-7782
Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center;; (218) 832-3161


Itinerary – If someone wants to visit your byway, what stops should they make, in what order, in how many days.
please upload as a word or pdf document(s)]. ITINERARIES UPLOADED MUST BE NAMED AS FOLLOWS: BywayName_it1, BywayName_it2, etcetera. 

Bayou Teche National Scenic Byway
Siskiyou Scenic Byway
Creole Nature Trail

Images/Pictures: 1-3 images that really show why someone should visit your byway that your byway owns full rights to or that are public domain. The minimum size of each image should be 200 dpi if used at 100% size. PICTURES UPLOADED MUST BE NAMED AS FOLLOWS: BywayName_caption, BywayName_caption, BywayName_caption.
jpg’s preferred, tif’s are acceptable.

Please UPLOAD (drag and drop) images and itineraries (named as noted above!!) to

Once the form is completed, including acknowledgment Checked AND images/itineraries have been uploaded, please “save as” BywayName_Vault (examples: CreoleNatureTrail_Vault.pdf or CascadeLoop_Vault.pdf) and email to