Bayshore Heritage Scenic Byway


  • DesignationNational Scenic Byway (2021)
  • Intrinsic QualitiesNatural
  • LocationNJ
  • Length122 miles
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New Jersey Department of Transportation
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The Bayshore Heritage Scenic Byway truly has it all along all 122 miles that it encompasses. With beautiful views of nature and historical gems throughout, a trip on this Byway would be one full of fun for everyone. Both the nature and the history of the area are what make this Byway a wonderful trip for the family, or even by yourself!

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Story of the Byway

Visitors have the opportunity to take a trip downs a large portion of the pristine Delaware Bay and through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire state of New Jersey. Along the way, visitors can also stop by historic villages and towns such as Salem City, Newport, Dennisville, and Cape May. There are a total of 11 historical districts throughout the road, most of which are villages, that help tell the story of the area and the people that helped build this beautiful region. Other than the history and the scenic views, this Byway also has plenty of recreational activities for visitors to participate in and enjoy.

The beauty of this area that the Bayshore Heritage Byway runs through is second to none, and visitors can experience that firsthand with opportunities to see it all. There are a variety so different landscapes as well along this Byway, including sand dunes, coastal marshes, lush forests, and rolling farmland. One of the unique characteristics of this area as well is how well preserved and untouched much of the land is. Geological formations, fossils, landforms, water bodies, are just some of the many features that are still in this area that predate human population in the area. The Delaware Bay is a major location for bird migration as well, having been designated as a “Wetlands of International Significance” because of its key role in bird’s migration patterns. Visitors can also view some of the beautiful wildlife when they pass through the Pinelands National Reserve along the Byway. Here there is an opportunity to walk one of the many trails, stop in a park, and just enjoy the beautiful scenery that has been preserved for decades.

The Bayshore Heritage Byway takes visitors on a route less traveled, as the roads go through some of the most preserved and remote areas in this area of New Jersey. With this comes a lot of rich history and important culture within some of the local villages and towns. There is a plethora of different cultures that can be experienced within this Byway, including Native American, European, and African American culture. Visitors can learn this culture at sites located along the Byway such as the Cumberland County Prehistoric Museum that contains a large collection of Native American artifacts. In addition to the cultural history, the local towns embody the region’s maritime history with many ports and other ocean-based architecture. You can enjoy the freshest of seafood at restaurants along the way in one of the many different towns that the Byway passes through.

This Byway is full of so many different opportunities along its 122 miles of road. With so many different points of interest that cover recreational activity, historical information, and of course delicious food, this Byway can prove to be a perfect trip for the entire family. The beauty of the Delaware Bay and the scenery of the area will keep visitors captivated throughout the entire journey no matter where they are located along the road.

Driving Directions

The Bayshore Scenic Byway covers a large portion of the state and passes by some of the most gorgeous water views. This route goes along the shoreline of the Delaware Bay in Salem County and goes all the way to Cape May State Park on the eastern side of the state. The Byway then cuts more inland and passes over and through more rivers and rolling farmland.

Points of Interest

  • Bridgeton City Park, Cohanzick Zoo

    Travel through 1,100 acres of beatiful land in Bridgeton City Park with scenic walking and nature trails. Visitors can also go to the Cohanzick Zoo for free located within the park.

  • Cumberland County Prehistorical Museum

    Visitors have the chance to view a large collection of ancient fossils in addition to Native American tools, arrowheads, anf pottery.

  • East Point Lighthouse

    Come view this beautiful active lighthouse and museum along the Maurice River on the Delaware Bay. Not only is this lighthouse picturesque and beautiful, but there is also a lot of history behind the area that is incredibly fascinating.


  • A Trip to Cape May

    From Fort Mott State Park in Salem County, you can take the Bayshore Heritage Byway west along the southern coast of New Jersey to experience the most beautiful sights. From there, you can drive down lighthouse road and following signs for route 624. As you travel along this gorgeous portion of the road, you can take a stop by the Hancock House in Hancock’s Bridge and learn about the rich history of the Hancock family that lived in this area during the Revolutionary War.

    As you continue southwest along the Byway you will pass picturesque views of Stow Creek as you cross over multiple bridges along the way. From there, the Byway takes you northwest towards Bridgeton, which is the perfect location for you and your family to stop by and enjoy this beautiful local town. Here there are shops, restaurants, and even Cohanzick Zoo, which is a wonderful place to stop and relax. At about the halfway point of the drive, the Byway then takes visitor’s southwest towards Cape May and the Jersey shore.

    After taking in the beautiful sights for a long while on the road, you will end up in Dorchester where there is an opportunity to stop by the Turkey Point Viewing Area where you can see plenty of wildlife living in their natural habitats. After that point, the road takes you in a straight shot south towards Cape May where there is so much opportunity to have fun. The beaches are gorgeous, and there are so many options to lodge if you want to get a full beach day in the next morning.

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