• DesignationNational Scenic Byway (2009)
  • Intrinsic QualitiesHistoric
  • LocationAZ, CA, IL, MO, NM, OK
  • Length400 of 2040.6 total miles
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Murals such as this are located in communities all along Route 66.
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The charm, the history, and the atmosphere that make up "The Mother Road" brings travelers from all over the world to experience America down a stretch of highway where "anything goes" is literal.

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Story of the Byway

Visitors can travel on one of the United States’ most iconic roads that passes through the great state of Oklahoma. Route 66 spans a total of 1408 miles across four different states, and 400 of those miles are through Oklahoma. Known as “The Mother Road”, visitors can experience America the way it was meant to be experienced along Route 66, with so many opportunities to have a great time along the way. This road runs along some of the most beautiful areas that can be found in the state of Oklahoma, while also containing so much of the state’s rich history. There are also many chances to learn about the history of “The Mother Road”, as there are plenty of museums along the way explaining just how important this road is in American history.

There are so many sites located along Route 66 that are dedicated to the beauty of the road and the local area. With parks and wildlife areas disperse along the 400 miles located in Oklahoma, there is always a chance to stop by and take in the beautiful scenic views of the area. This includes Route 66 Park which is in Oklahoma City. Here, visitors can explore 148 acres of land full of outdoor activities for families. Heritage Park can also be found along Route 66 and has very similar amenities that allow visitors to experience the beauty that this area has to offer. For those looking for some advanced outdoor activities, the Arcadia Conservation Education Area has a myriad of hiking trails along the shore of Arcadia Lake. There are also water activities available, and fishing is one of the main attractions throughout the whole area.

Route 66 is ingrained in American history and there are so many sites along the way to really understand its significance. While there are multiple similar museums, Visitors can take a trip to the National Route 66 and Transportation Museum in Elk City. Here you can learn all about the history of the road and how important of a role it played in American history. There are also plenty of sculptures and monuments that can be found along the way, some of which have been around for decades! Route 66 Rising is a recent sculpture located in Tulsa, and is a great photo opportunity along the Byway. All of these locations can be found right along the Byway during your trip, making it incredibly easy to get back on the road and enjoy even more that this Byway has to offer.

Just about anybody can find something that they love about Historic Route 66. “The Mother Road” is one of the most iconic locations in the entire United States, and for good reason. With so many different options and opportunities, visitors can experience the great state of Oklahoma along one of America’s most famous roads.

Driving Directions

Starting at the Kansas-Oklahoma border at Quapaw, Route 66 travels through Oklahoma for 400 miles and ends at Erick. Going through the heart of Oklahoma, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and unwind along this large journey.

Points of Interest

  • Route 66 Rising

    This brand new sculpture built in 2019 commorates Route 66's presence in Tulsa in a wonderful way.

  • Totem Pole Park

    This park is an absolute icon along Route 66 and a must visit for anyone traveling along this route. Home of "The World's Largest Concrete Totem Pole."

  • National Route 66 & Transportation Museum

    This museum gives visitors a complete history of Route 66 and how it became what it is today.


  • Travel The Mother Road in Oklahoma

    Day 1
    Starting at the Kansas-Oklahoma border at Quapaw, Route 66 travels through Oklahoma for 400 miles and ends at Erick. Going through the heart of Oklahoma, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and unwind along this large journey. To begin, stop in Vinita and shop in one of the many vintage shops for apparel commemorating your trip along this road. Next up is a must visit along your journey and that is Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park. Located in Chelsea, this is a staple along Route 66 and is worth the visit. As you continue, you should take a stop in the lovely town of Claremore that has plenty of opportunity to have fun. After this, you can finish your incredibly busy day buy grabbing a hotel and spending the night in Tulsa.

    Day 2
    When you wake up, continue west on Route 66 and head down to Sapulpa to visit the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum. After that, take an iconic picture at Rt. 66 Bowl in Chandler, which was created in 1959 and is used at a local gas station. You can then continue on to spend a good portion of your day in Oklahoma City. Explore this wonderful city for all it has to offer in its culture, and it’s delicious food. Continue, stopping at locations advertised on the way, and end up in the city of Clinton for the night. There are plenty of lodging options available so take some time to enjoy the city!

    Day 3
    In Clinton, you can stop at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum to get a comprehensive history of this road. When you get back on “The Mother Road” enjoy the scenery and stop in Elk City to enjoy the National Route 66 Museum to educate yourself even more about this road. From here, your journey is at its end, and you have experienced some of the most wonderful locations in the state of Oklahoma.

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