Midland Trail National Scenic Byway


  • DesignationNational Scenic Byway (2000)
  • Intrinsic QualitiesRecreation
  • LocationWV
  • Length117 miles
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At Hawk's Nest Overlook is a 'famous view' of the river and bridges below.
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The Midland Trail Scenic Highway travels right across the State of West Virginia from border to border along Route 60 and can capture all of the natural beauty that this State provides. Starting at Kenova at the Kentucky border and going through the state capital of Charleston all the way to White Sulphur Springs on the Virginia border, this Byway creates so much opportunity to experience everything that West Virginia has to offer.

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Story of the Byway

The Midland Trail Scenic Highway is the perfect way to experience all the beauty that the State of West Virginia has to offer. This route was designated as a National Scenic Byway for its outstanding intrinsic qualities that it provides for visitors. This 117-mile-long Highway spans over the entire state, going from the west border to the east and crossing through the heart of West Virginia. Along this route there is plenty of opportunity for recreation, relaxation, and education of the rich history that this Byway crosses through. Visitors can start at the State Capitol of Charleston and then make their way east across West Virginia and end up at the height of relaxation at a spa in White Sulphur Springs.

Since the Byway covers such a large area, there are a myriad of opportunities to relax and take in the gorgeous views throughout the trip. With multiple State Parks and other Wildlife Reserves and parks along the Byway, visitors will be able to enjoy the nature and scenery to its highest potential. One of the most vast and scenic areas along the Midland Trail is Hawks Nest State Park which covers over 270 acres and gives visitors the chance to hike and see the beauty of the area while also providing them a chance to partake in recreational activities. A main attraction in this Park is the hike that leads visitors to a jetboat ride to see the bottom of New River Gorge, which is truly a wonderful sight.

The cultural and historic qualities that can be found along this Byway are also a reason to come out and take the trip. The State Capitol can serve as a great starting point for the trip, with visitors being able to learn the rich history of not only the local area, but the entire State. Away from the Capitol, there are also plenty of other historical sites and towns that can serve as stopping points for visitors. Here, you can witness the beautiful architecture that has been standing for generations. The Ruffner Log Cabin, Salt Village, and Old Stone House are great locations to stop along the way to take in the history and culture of the area. At the end of the Trail, visitors will come across colonial Lewisburg which is full of history and local culture that has lasted in the area since the 1700s. This Byway certainly does not lack history and it truly can be found at just about any stop along the road.

If you are looking for a great trip to take on a weekend or days off, the Midland Trail Scenic Highway is the perfect choice. With the combination of recreational opportunities and beautiful scenic views, that would simply be enough reason to take the trip. However, those are not the only reasons to come out and drive along this Byway. The historical and cultural qualities are rich throughout the entirety of this route and can keep anyone interested since it is so fascinating.

Driving Directions

The Midland Trail Scenic Highway runs along Route 60 from mile marker 0 at the state capitol and goes all the way to the eastern border at mile marker 199. This route runs horizontally through the entire state with many different locations along the way.

Points of Interest

  • Old Central City

    Visitors can spend a day in this historic manufacturing town that has plenty of antique shops, a farmer’s market, and five museums.

  • Hawks Nest State Park

    Visit this 270 acre recreational area with plenty of recreational activities available. Visitors can hike, ride a jetboat, go to the nature museum, and much more

  • The Greenbrier

    The Greenbrier resort has been hosting guests since 1778 and provides wonderful accomodations. Guests can gold, enjoy the spa, or just wander the beautiful grounds.


  • Traversing the Midland Trail

    Beginning at the State Capital of Charleston, you have a great starting point to travel along the Midland Trail National Scenic Byway. With plenty of history to experience here, you can choose to spend multiple days here, but visiting just one or two notable spots is still a great idea. This Byway lasts through the entirety of route 60 throughout the State, so once you hop on you can just keep driving! As you head east from Charleston, the picturesque views will truly amaze you, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience it firsthand. At about 40 miles, you can find beautiful parks and scenery around Gauley Bridge. Passing over the Gauley River, there are so many beautiful natural formations that will leave you in awe. After that, you can soon find Mystery Hole along the Byway which is a favorite among kids and adults in the area. Also in the general area is Hawks Nest State Park which is a true gem of West Virginia and should be experienced by all. Continuing down route 60, there are many other wonderful sites that you can stop by and take full advantage of, such as Hico Side Trip and Babcock State Park. As you end your journey, you can stop by beautiful Lewisburg and White Sulfur Springs. There are lovely shops, restaurants, and plenty of lodging options available for you to book after your great trip!

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