Palisades Scenic Byway – NY


  • DesignationNational Scenic Byway (2021)
  • Intrinsic QualitiesScenic
  • LocationNJ, NY
  • Length26.58 of 45.68 total miles
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Palisades Interstate Park Commission
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New York Department of Transportation
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Seven Lakes Drive in the fall
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Experience the beautiful sights of both New Jersey and the New York City skyline on the amazing Palisades Scenic Byway. This 19-mile-long Byway truly has it all, from lush forest scenes to views of the George Washington Bridge and New York City. There are also plenty of opportunities for family recreational activities like hiking, picnicking, or even jet skiing. History can also be found along the Byway, as visitors can stop by Fort Lee which played a pivotal role in the Revolutionary War.

Local Byway Partners

Story of the Byway

The Palisades area of New York is one of incredible natural significance while also having beautiful scenic views. The Palisades Cliffs run for nearly 20 miles, starting from Nyack, NY and going all the way down to Jersey City. This Byway travels along the cliffs to give the most gorgeous views possible of the Palisades and the New York City Skyline. There are also many other sights to be seen along this Byway, such as the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge!

Driving Directions

The New York portion of the Palisades Scenic Byway starts in Orange County at the Hudson River and then heads south toward the border with New Jersey.

Points of Interest

  • Palisades Parkway Visitors Center

    Visitors can get information on where to stop along the Byway!


  • Parade the Palisades

    Starting along this short potion of the Palisades Interstate Parkway at the northernmost point in its junction with Route 6. You immediately find yourself in Bear Mountain State Park. There are plenty of places to stop along the road and hike these wonderful hills and mountains. After you go through the State Park, you can take a dip in Lake Welch, which is located right along the Byway. This brings you to the area of Pomona, where you can see if the New York Boulders Baseball Team are playing. From here you can just take in the lovely scenery that this Byway provides. Right along the Byway is the Palisades Center Mall, which is incredibly large and is a great place to stop. You are now close to the border with New Jersey along the Byway and can choose to continue on or turn back around to catch anything that you missed!

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