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IPW Commitment Form - due Feb 28

IPW Member Opportunity

The National Scenic Byway Foundation offers our members the chance to be represented on the prestigious “federal row” at IPW – the largest appointment-based travel trade show in the United States. NSBF is a member of the US Travel Association, which allows us the opportunity to represent byways. We feature the byways who pay to be represented to the international tour operators and in the media marketplace, including information and itineraries on our dedicated website for the international tour operators:

Working through our Federal partners, the National Scenic Byway Foundation is able to offer this opportunity to our members for $500 for an Individual Byway and $750 for a Byway Collection, up to 4 byways* (with pricing for additional byways in the state or multi-state collection). Knowledgeable and experienced Byway DMO representatives will be on-site to represent your byway — no travel needed! Deadline to commit is February 28, 2024. Contact now to answer questions.

See the IPW Commitment Form link above.



Please see the Become a Member page for more details about the benefits that come to you as a member of the National Scenic Byway Foundation.

Love Our Byways Program

Although we do not currently have a sponsor for our “Love Our Byways” micro-grants, we want the byway community to know that the National Scenic Byway Foundation is seeking support for this inspiring program.  Below is the information about the Love Our Byways program offered in the summer of 2021.

Love Our Byways – Conservation & Beautification Micro-Grants for Volunteer Projects 2021


With generous support from Toyota Motor North America, the National Scenic Byway Foundation is pleased to provide grants of up to $2,000 to support innovative byway conservation and beautification projects. The purpose of these grants is to fund projects that will make a meaningful impact, be highly visible and benefit from significant volunteer participation (both from constituents of byway partners and the surrounding community).

A total of $50,000 will be awarded to winning applicant organizations selected to receive funding through this competitive process. Applicants must submit their projects for consideration based on the deadlines and requirements described herein. Grant awardees must comply with all project criteria.


The National Scenic Byway Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which serves as the ‘National Voice of Scenic Byways and Roads.’ Our team is dedicated to strengthening byways through advocacy, education, promotion, engagement and enabling connections. We’re kicking off this year’s annual volunteer program with the theme of conservation and beautification. We strive to highlight the diversity and value of byways, and to support the people and partners who  care for these amazing resources.

Project Criteria

The goal of Love Our Byways is to energize byway organizations to maximize community volunteer involvement. Winning projects will improve or enhance the byway’s “scenic viewshed” by improving an existing view through clean-ups, plantings and other enhancements, or by mitigating a poor or unsightly viewshed.

Grant Amount
Grants are for projects requiring up to $2,000 in total funds, with reliance on volunteers for needed labor. Of the total grant amount, up to $500 will be awarded for project management, execution and completion. An additional $1,500 may be requested for materials and supplies.

Eligibility Requirements
Love Our Byways grant requests must come from representatives or authorized agents of nonprofit organizations, local, state or federal government agencies, federally recognized tribes or educational institutions. Grants will be prioritized based on expected byway impact, scope of volunteer involvement and regional diversity. Preference will be given to National Scenic Byway Foundation members. In addition, qualifying projects will satisfy the following event criteria:

  • Event must take place on or adjacent to an officially designated byway.
  • Event must take place before September 30, 2021.
  • Event must engage at least 35 volunteer participants on the day of the event, with preference given to larger community involvement.
  • Events must be media accessible.

Application Elements

The following elements must all be submitted by the deadline of July 30, Noon EDT, in order to be considered to receive a Love Our Byways grant:

  • Short history and purpose of the byway organization.
  • Description of the project to be funded, including a needs statement and objectives. (Maximum 500 words.)
  • List of your organization’s primary board or committee members, including current contact information.
  • Line-item project budget. (Limit one page.)
  • Copy of your organization or fiscal agent’s most recent IRS Form 990 to verify tax exemption.
  • Copy of the organization’s informational brochure (if available).
  • Organization social media handles for review.

If Selected For Funding – Grantee Reporting Requirements

  • Love Our Byways grantees are required to submit a 300-500 word description of the project/accomplishments that can be used to promote the event to a national audience.
  • High-resolution photos (at least 3MB) of the project location.
  • High-resolution photos of the project implementation, including action shots of volunteers (with confirmation of photo releases for all volunteers in the pictures).
  • Copy of publicity and social media engagement for the project, with sponsor and Foundation acknowledgement, including use of logos as provided by the Foundation. (For example, volunteer t-shirts and banners.)
  • Grantees are required to post a minimum of two social actions on their organization social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Utilizing various assets (still/video) captured during the project while engaging with and tagging the brand’s social handles and hashtags below:
    • Facebook: @Toyota
    • Twitter: @Toyota
    • Instagram: @ToyotaUSA
    • Handles: #LetsGoPlaces, #ToyotaPartner
  • Timely completion of a post-project survey and questionnaires provided by the Foundation.

Reimbursement request within 30 days of project completion (with copies of receipts).


All applications are due by 12 noon (EDT) Friday, July 30, 2021. It is anticipated that applicants will be notified whether they were selected the first week of August and funding will be released within two weeks of project/event completion, at which time all reports must be submitted.

Questions and Answers
Four short zoom meetings are scheduled to explain the grant application process and reporting requirements.  Tips and suggestions for your line item budget will be provided (example: how the NSBF will be ordering official Love Our Byways printed quality t-shirts for volunteers in bulk to be mailed to you).

No registration required to participate in any of these meetings – just attend using the information below:
Date/Times: July 7 – 3pm EDT; July 7 – 7pm EDT; July 15 – 3pm EDT; July 15 – 7pm EDT
Topic: Love Our Byways Micro-Grant Explanation Meeting
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 840 0596 2257
Passcode: 343396
To call in by phone, find your local number:

All communication and questions should be made via email to or by calling Sharon Strouse, Executive Director of the National Scenic Byway Foundation, at 330-231-3468.

Grant application access:
The Google Form submission process allows you to submit your grant request and access it for changes (over and over) until the deadline of July 30, 2021. Get started today and go back after the zoom meeting to complete – that way you will know what questions you want to ask or ideas you have to share with others.

For Printing - Micro-Grant Criteria pdfOnline Micro-Grant Application