Black Warrior River Scenic Byway


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationAL
  • Length12 miles
Dedicated Byway Visitor Information
City of Tuscaloosa
Statewide Byway Partners
Alabama Department of Transportation
Alabama Tourism Department
Black Warrior River Scenic Byway


This urban route encircles approximately 12 miles along the Black Warrior River.  Three bridges along the route offer breathtaking views of the river and its riverbanks.  The route spotlights the boundless natural scenic beauty of the Black Warrior River and exhibits historic ruins, structures and markers including the site of the Alabama State Capitol from 1826 until 1847.   Bicycle and pedestrian trails, parks, picnic facilities, fishing piers, boat landings, historic markers, and restaurants as well as sites for new development align the route.  Bordering the route are the historic downtown areas of Tuscaloosa and Northport and facilities of academic and athletic renown including the University of Alabama and Stillman College.  Enlightening sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places are in abundance nearby and along the route.

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