Durham Valley Scenic Byway


  • DesignationState Byway (1991)
  • LocationNY
  • Length21 miles
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Durham Valley Scenic Byway
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Durham Valley Scenic Byway


The Durham Valley Scenic Byway consists of twenty-one miles of New York State designated Scenic Byways located in the Town of Durham, Greene County that were originally designated as Scenic Roads "of extraordinary scenic quality" by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation in 1991. The Byway corridor slopes from the northernmost escarpment of the Catskill Mountains to a plain that gently rolls north to Albany and east to the Hudson River Valley. The byway includes a famed 'Five State View' that extends over the Hudson River Valley to the Berkshires, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire and north to the Adirondacks. Unlike many other state designated scenic and historic byways that consist primarily of one long linear corridor, the Durham Valley Scenic Byway is a network of mostly contiguous historic corridors that traverses the Durham Valley. All the scenic roads contribute a distinct individual character, making the network of scenic roads an authentic and high quality experience that expresses the intrinsic values of the Durham Valley. The intrinsic values include broad scenic views across the Durham Valley, cultural resources including historic houses, farms, stone bridges and walls, and natural resources such as the backdrop of the Catskill Mountains and Durham Valley’s streams.

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