Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History Heritage Highway


  • DesignationState Byway (2008)
  • LocationFL
  • Length98 miles
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Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History
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Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History Heritage Highway


The history of Heritage Crossroads Heritage Highway is the history of hard work and innovation. The segments of roadway and the communities that comprise this byway embrace the heritage of the people that built this region. For over 300 years, Prehistoric man, Native American tribes, European conquerors, colonists that settled in this region, and even tourists of the pre-Interstate Highway era have traveled the Heritage Crossroads network of roads. Early visitors and modern day visitors are attracted to the area because of its spirit, history, natural beauty and compelling story. Students of Native American cultures as well as those intrigued with the era of English and Spanish conquerors can experience native settlements, preserved marching trails and encampments of the European armies and long-lost properties from the region’s plantation era. In the 1950s and 60s, young families again traveled these same roadways to the motels, restaurants, and beaches of Florida. Today, the next generation of families is doing the same as their parents did passing through the back roads of this unique area that remains relatively unchanged.

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