J.C.Penney Memorial Scenic Highway


  • DesignationState Byway (2010)
  • LocationFL
  • Length3 miles
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J.C.Penney Memorial Scenic Highway


The S.R. 16 corridor, gateway to the Town of Penney Farms, traverses a community which is over a century old and offers a flashback to the “small town” America of old amid urban development. There is much to see and do along this designated stretch of S.R. 16 and the loop of local streets in and around town. The route passes through a series of natural and majestic features, including oak and magnolia canopies, and a variety of bottomland hardwoods, commercial forest, mesic hammock, and wetlands landscapes. This byway invites travelers to experience the cultural, historical, and scenic resources of the Penney Farms community, such as Penney Memorial Church, Penney Retirement Community’s French Norman architecture, and the New Hope community. The byway is a beautiful area for tourists and visitors to walk or ride a bike along the scenic highway to view Penney Farms’ natural and historical resources and the oasis “garden spot” within the community.

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