River Bluffs Scenic Byway


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationIA
  • Length109 miles
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River Bluffs Scenic Byway
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The views along River Bluffs Scenic Byway are among the state’s finest. The byway criss-crosses three rivers, providing distant views of river valleys, and culminating with a mesmerizing three-state view of the Mississippi River from Pikes Peak State Park near McGregor. However, stops along this 109-mile byway will prove that it is more than just a pretty road. The Turkey, Volga and Mississippi rivers converge here, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The region is dotted with parks, caves, nature centers, fishing hotspots, campgrounds, trails, and water access points through the Turkey River Recreational Corridor.

You’ll pass through thirteen towns known collectively as “Iowa’s Little Switzerland.” Three of these burgs are situated on the Mississippi River, giving McGregor, Marquette and Guttenberg a distinct character that only small river towns have. Your journey won’t be complete without visiting some of the many historic sites along the route, such as Motor Mill Historic Site or Montauk, home of Iowa’s 12th governor, William Larrabee. The first successful gasoline tractor was built at Froelich’s 1890s Village.

Travel River Bluffs and discover a road of majestic features, outdoor exploration and small town charm.

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