Warren Heritage Scenic Byway


  • DesignationState Byway (2009)
  • LocationNJ
  • Length19 miles
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Warren Heritage Scenic Byway
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New Jersey Department of Transportation
Warren Heritage Scenic Byway


This Byway follows a trail first established by the Lenni Lenape Indians to connect camp sites and villages with hunting and fishing grounds. Europeans came on horseback and in wagons to settle the region or to travel to nearby cities. As the population increased, so did the need to market area farm produce, raw materials, and manufactured products. In 1806, a turnpike was established between Philipsburg and Morristown, today known as Route 57 and the Warren Heritage Scenic Byway. Travelers will experience rolling fertile valleys and streamside views. This historic roadway allows for opportunities to experience distinctive mountain ridges, canals, towpaths, historic districts, and the first concrete highway built in New Jersey in 1912. Look for marker in New Village for this one-mile section.

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