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Greg Marshall

Greg Marshall

Congressional Outreach Committee,
Development Committee
Visit Rochester NY, Past Executive Director
189 Richard St.
Rochester, NY 14607-3844

Greg Marshall is a native of Rochester, the hub of an Upstate New York area of about one million people.  Rochester is home to several international companies and a dozen colleges and universities.  He just concluded his career and role as senior vice president and director of marketing for Visit Rochester.  Visit Rochester is the region’s destination marketing firm.  He oversaw marketing and communication programs and expenditures within a $4 million annual budget.  He had been with the organization for over half of his life.

Greg is responsible for the overall development of programs that feature Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes resources in domestic and international markets.  Prior to his work with VisitRochester, Greg was in the hotel industry from a young age and eventually grew into management positions that ultimately led him to destination marketing.

He is a vocal advocate for thematic and experiential tourism development as a replacement for traditional geographic marketing by nations, states, and regions.

Greg has served on the board and executive committee of the National Association of Travel Marketing Executives; he is a professional member of Destination Marketing Association International, the United States Travel Association and several trade associations.  He is a founding member of the statewide Canal New York Marketing and Business Alliance.  He serves on that board as well as on the board of the Corn Hill Navigation Foundation, an education-oriented organization focused on waterways. Greg has served on boards including the United Nations Association of Rochester, Great Lakes Seaway Trail Inc., and the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance.  Greg is a founder and executive committee member of Wine, Water, and Wonders of New York State, a 501C-6 destination marketing company founded a decade ago.  Greg served on the national marketing committee focused on America’s Byways.

Greg considers his true education to have come from his active roles in regional, national and international organizations.   He is known and recognized for his organizational development and strengthening capacity.  He is respected for his teaching and speaking experience.

 Greg is a member and supporter of the Society of Commercial Archeology.  He spends as much time as he can on the byways and back roads of America in search of regional food, diners, and roadside oddities.  He is active in urban preservation activities with a special focus on Upstate New York.

Greg is married to Cheryl, a professional fundraiser, and event planner.  They have one daughter, Emma, who is twenty-five years old who works in California.  Assorted cats and dogs come and go as they please.