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Covered Bridges Scenic Byway

Madison County Chamber of Commerce
73 Jefferson St. Winterset IA 50273

Dotting the classic Iowa landscape are the famed covered bridges of Madison County, immortalized in the novel, movie, and musical, The Bridges of Madison County. At the county’s center is an authentic and thriving historic town square. Tour the birthplace of legendary actor John Wayne and the only museum in the world dedicated to The Duke. Or explore the Iowa Quilt Museum and quilt shops in the town where Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting was created. Madison County was once home to George Stout, who rescued precious artworks during World War II, and it served as a starting place for famed horticulturist George Washington Carver. Experience life on the plains, and enjoy the abundant natural resources which made Madison County so desirable for settlers, at the Madison County Historical Complex or at one of the county’s many recreational parks.