Connecticut River Byway – NH


  • DesignationNational Scenic Byway (2005)
  • Intrinsic QualitiesHistoric
  • LocationMA, VT, NH
  • Length498.7 for 3 state total miles
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Connecticut River Byway - Tri-State Guide & Map
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The patriotic front facade of The Brick Store in Bath
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The history, heritage, and culture of farming in the Connecticut River Valley is a prominent theme of the Connecticut River Scenic Byway that continues to play an important role in the current economy and provides visitors with the opportunity to experience and enjoy the bounties. The landscape of the Byway centers on the Connecticut River and includes the neighboring farmlands, floodplains, step-like terraces, and the slopes of the bordering uplands. The river and surrounding landscape provide rich recreational opportunities.

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Story of the Byway

Travel through the heart of New England alongside the longest and most powerful river in the region on the Connecticut River Byway. Throughout this route visitors can experience the pristine waters, gorgeous scenic views, and the rich history of the area. This gorgeous and vast Byway travels through a total of 3 states including Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. New Hampshire specifically has plenty of opportunity for visitors to fully experience and enjoy this National Scenic Byway. The 499-mile-long route has so much to offer from recreational activities to historical museums, and anyone who visits will be able to keep the memories that were made here for a lifetime.

The natural beauty that can be found along this Byway in New Hampshire is truly second to none throughout the entire country. Year-round, the area that this Byway runs through provides some of the most beautiful scenic views in the entire area. With the Connecticut River being the backdrop, along the way visitors can view beautiful pumpkin patches and colored leaves in the fall, picturesque landscapes with snowfall in the winter, and smell the beautiful scents of spring and summer throughout. There are roadside orchards where visitors can pick their own fresh apples of pumpkins in autumn while also experiencing the beautiful sights of the area. Skiing and Snowboarding is also a major attraction in the area during the wintertime, as there are multiple resorts and lodges that can be found throughout the Byway. Recreation can also be found throughout the Byway, as there are plenty of parks and sites that encourage visitors to travel by foot. With a plethora of bike paths and hiking trails, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to experience this beauty firsthand. There are rental opportunities for bikers or for those who enjoy water activities and want to raft along the Connecticut River.

The history and the culture of the area along the Connecticut River Byway in New Hampshire cannot be overlooked either. The quaint and contemporary architecture embodies everything that New England represents and is just a wonderful area to walk around. With local towns and shops found throughout the entirety of the Byway in New Hampshire, visitors can find just about anything that they can enjoy. The Brick Store, located in Bath, is thought to be the oldest country store still in service in the United States, and has just about everything. In addition to all the shops found in the local towns, there is also a rich history located in this area. Fort No. 4 is located right along the Byway and can teach visitors about the frontier life of the people who lived here in the mid 1700s.

There is so much to experience along the New Hampshire portion of the Connecticut River Byway, and plenty more in both other states that it runs through. With the Connecticut River as a guide, it truly is wonderful to travel along the same twists and turns that this majestic river makes throughout the area.

Driving Directions

This route travels alongside the Connecticut River on the western border of New Hampshire from West Chesterfield to Littleton in the White Mountains.

Points of Interest

  • Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

    Visit this preserved land of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was one of America's most famous sculptors.

  • Littleton Grist Mill

    A beautiful Grist and Saw Mill built in 1797 on the bank of the Ammonoosuc River.

  • Fort at No. 4

    A historic fort and museum in the heart of New Hampshire. Visitors can stop by and learn about life in the frontier of the mid 1700s.

  • The Brick Store

    Thought to be the eldest country store in the United States, this store is a wonderful place to stop by along the Byway.


  • Travel with the Connecticut River

    Day 1
    Starting on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire right along the Connecticut River, your journey along this Byway has officially begun. Soon after you begin, stop by Pisgah State Park, which capture beautiful mountainous views with many walking paths throughout. Next up, you can continue north and head to Bellows Falls, a wonderful local town with places to eat, shop, and take in the natural beauty of the area. As you continue north you will stop in the quaint town of Windsor, the home of the American Precision Museum, and the beautiful Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge. As daylight dwindles, you can stop in White River Junction and Lebanon to spend the night. Here there are plenty of restaurants to stop by and many lodging opportunities in the surrounding area.

    Day 2
    When you wake up, you can get right back on the Connecticut River Byway to continue your journey. White Mountain National Forest will greet you after you continue on the Byway for a while, and a visit here is necessary for any nature lover. Spending the entire day here is a wonderful option, as there is so much to explore in this National Forest. If you choose to continue on the Byway, you will reach the towns of Colebrook and Pittsburg, both of which have places to stop and eat. Your journey will end not far after, still following along the beautiful Connecticut River and other wonderful water formations.

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