Black Gold Byway


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationWY
  • Length42 miles
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Black Gold Byway


The intertwined stories of the development of three contiguous oilfields—Shannon (the first), Salt Creek (the largest), and Teapot Dome (the most famous)—are also the story of the growth and development of the city of Casper and the firm establishment of Wyoming‘s energy industry. Nationally these fields have further relevance: Salt Creek Oilfield launched Wyoming onto the national scene of energy producers, while Teapot Dome rocked the nation with a scandal near the magnitude of Watergate.

The official route of the Byway follows State Hwy 259 from I-25 to Midwest, State Hwy 387 to Edgerton, and State Hwy 387 to its intersection with I-25 at exit 227.

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