Byways to Space Scenic Byway


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationMS
  • Length30 miles
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Mississippi Department of Transportation
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Byways to Space Scenic Byway


The Byways to Space Scenic Byway includes six routes that cover more than 30 miles through or near the NASA Stennis Space Center’s (SSC) 125,000-acre buffer zone. Often canopied by oaks, the roads and trails meander through the scenic countryside, passing former historic settlement sites, scenic vistas, natural waterways, and parks perfect for hikers, bicyclists, birders, kayakers and nature lovers. The six routes are named to honor the memory of those that gave up their ancestral homes or land to make way for the Stennis Space Center. They are NASA Scenic Byway to Space, Pearlington Scenic Byway to Space, Westonia Scenic Byway to Space, Logtown Scenic Byway to Space, Napoleon Scenic Byway to Space and Santa Rosa Scenic Byway to Space.

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