Crowders Mountain Drive


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationNC
  • Length8.1 miles
Statewide Byway Partners
North Carolina Department of Transportation
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
Crowders Mountain Drive


The byway winds motorists around the base of Crowders and Kings mountains in Gaston and Cleveland Counties. Formed in 1841, Cleveland County was named for Benjamin Cleveland, a hero at the Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War. Kings Mountain National Military Park, located in South Carolina, is the site of a unique battle fought on October 7th, 1780 between an American militia (people who fought for independence) of mainly Scots-Irish back-country patriot leaders and Loyalists (people who lived in the colonies yet remained loyal and fought for England) under the command of Patrick Ferguson. On October 7, 1780, the American militia decimated the loyalists. The battle was an important victory for the American army during the Revolutionary War and was the turning point of the war in the South. After the defeat of the loyalists, British forces under General Cornwallis retreated into South Carolina and were unable to recruit more loyalists to support their forces. The valley that separates the Pinnacle from the rest of the Kings Mountain Range is known as Sherrars Gap.

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