Glacial Hills Scenic Byway


  • DesignationState Byway (2003)
  • LocationKS
  • Length63 miles
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Glacial Hills Scenic Byway
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Glacial Hills Scenic Byway is named for the rolling hills and rock-strewn valleys carved by ancient glaciers that left behind fertile farmland and a beautiful landscape. The Lewis and Clark Expedition celebrated Independence Day on July 4, 1804, near what is now Atchison. In 1854, the Kansas Territory was open for settlement and settlers were drawn to the area’s rivers and rich soil. The Pony Express route and Fort Leavenworth, the oldest Army post in continuous existence west of the Missouri River, add to the byway’s historic charm. Abraham Lincoln gave one of his most historic campaign speeches here in 1859. Years later Amelia Earhart, an Atchison resident, grew up to be a famous aviator.

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