Lookout Mountain Parkway


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationAL
  • Length93 miles
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Lookout Mountain Parkway Assoc.
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Alabama Department of Transportation
Alabama Tourism Department
Lookout Mountain Parkway


Envision a land where real people bring the past alive, with historic town squares, pioneer villages, confederate ironworks, antique shops and Native American folklore and artifacts. Imagine a land of real places burgeoning with untouched natural beauty, with gorges, rivers, lakes, wildlife and scenic waterfalls. Picture a land ripe with recreational and cultural opportunities, from boating, fishing, skiing and hiking along miles of pristine trails to museums, opera houses and art galleries. All these dreams and more are here today and await visitors along Alabama’s Lookout Mountain Parkway Scenic Byway. Discover why it feels so right!

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