Route 102 Scenic Highway


  • DesignationState Byway
  • LocationRI
  • Length7.3 miles
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Route 102 Scenic Highway


Most of the highway follows the 18th century Ten Rod Road as it travels Exeter’s rolling topography. Elongated hills, running north and south are separated by narrow valleys. Some of the hills are the highest in Rhode Island. The woodland pastures are unspoiled by commercial development. Along the route are original stone walls and historic structures and site, two historic districts. The route c rosses five valleys with streams that make the headwaters of the Queen’s River watershed- Rhode Island’s most pure waterway. Stands of pine are interspersed with red maple in the valleys and wetlands. The hilltops give panoramic views of the valleys below. Traveling eastward, the forest areas give way to farmland and open spaces.

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