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Ohio Scenic Byways- Amish Country BywayTheirs is a timeless way of life.  Sitting lightly on Ohio’s rolling hills, centuries of masterful tilling has rendered rich and robust farms. Within these serene landscapes of Amish Country Scenic Byway, life is celebrated.

Every individual has an important place in the family, events and ceremonies are treasured, and traditions run strong. Even without electric lights and televisions, life is no less stimulating.

Because the lives of the Amish are such a contrast to those of so many others, millions of visitors are welcomed to their communities and region each year.

Coming to taste the food, browse the handmade treasures and experience a slower pace, visitors soon realize that they can also explore the beauty of the scenic byway that connects the historic towns.

When traveling this road, it’s not unusual to come upon a buggy making its way. Pass carefully, slow down and try to catch their pace of life. Return home refreshed, relaxed and renewed.  Carry with you any treasures that you might have acquired along the way. Occasionally, as life rushes past, let them remind you of this very special place in time.  Amish Country Byway - scenic byway of Ohio's Amish Country. Located in Holmes County, Ohio, this byway tells the story of the simple life of the Amish people.