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Now a classic New England Sunday Drive with spectacular autumn colors, historic buildings, and charming historic towns, until 1846, Connecticut State Route 169 was the private Norwich and Woodstock Turnpike.

Connecticute State Route 169 - scenic byway

Today, the 32-mile scenic byway winds through one of the last unspoiled areas in the northeastern United States is thought by some to be the prettiest road in New England.  The route takes you through the rolling hills of the rural northeastern corner of the state, past colonial homesteads, churches, stone walls, meeting houses, private schools, farm stands and farmlands, general stores, and glacially deposited boulders strewn throughout fields.

Upscale homes, classy restaurants, and quaint inns add an air of elegance as the route connects the classic New England towns of Woodstock, South Woodstock, Pomfret, and Brooklyn. The beautiful churches of Pomfret date back to the early 1800s. The Roseland Cottage and Bowen House Museum illustrates the life of a prosperous family in the mid-1800s. Even though the Scenic Byway is short, take the time to meander, savor lunch and explore the historic district of each of the quaint towns.


Connecticut State Route 169