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As the southern terminus of the Mississippi and Central Flyways, Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge on the Flyway Byway is strategically located between coastal marshlands and rice framing. The Lacassine Pool, at the National Wildlife Refuge, is a freshwater marsh created by enclosing 16,000 acres with a low levee. The area provides a sanctuary for wintering waterfowl, allowing birds to feed and rest. Within a bird lovers paradise, the pool has historically supported over 500,000 ducks and 150,000 geese at peak population. Birdwatcher can see northern pintails and greater white-fronted geese, blue-winged and green-winged teal, gadwall, American widgeon, northern shoveler, mallard, ring-necked duck, and snow geese. The refuge’s largest concentration of white-fronted, snow, Ross, and Canada geese are found on the farm units. The refuge also provides nesting habitat for wood and mottled ducks, black-bellied and fulvous whistling-ducks, and blue-winged teal.


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