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Imagine a diamond necklace of islands sprinkled in crystal blue water with castles and bastions perched on the waters edge, commanding the very landscape.  Imagine lush forests, rugged cliffs and water that spreads for miles below your feet.  Paralleling the sparkling waters for 518 miles, the Great Lakes Seaway Trail introduces you to the timeless heritage, pristine nature and thriving arts along the scenic shorelines of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway. A brightly colored cord of the region’s heritage and culture is tightly woven into the trail where you also stop and take a breath of fresh air while learning the fascinating story of the area.  Driving the Byway, your adventures will range from some of the most sophisticated museums on the continent to the thunder of Niagara Falls and a castle in the sun.  Lighthouses, visitor centers, cultural centers and living history dot the route from end to end.  Following the green and white Trailblazer signs, you can stop at information panels, kiosks and interpretive signs to learn more.  The Seaway Trail Discovery Centre has three floor and nine rooms full of great stuff!