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Blaze a trail on Heritage Byway 136, a 238-mile roadway across southern Nebraska. 

Sunlight now streams through cottonwoods, elms and sugar maples in the area Willa Cather made famous in her stories of the prairie. It was once Indian country, home to tribes of Ote, Missouri, Winnebago, Iowan, Pawnee, Omaha and Ponca who coexisted peacefully with abundant wildlife. 

Today, as you travel the route, you’ll discover barn quilts with names like Double Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Melody, Rainbow, Cross and Crown, Tulip and Cross Arrows and the border to border Trail of Treasures, the longest flea market in the country.

The serene natural areas along the scenic byway are punctuated with wetlands managed by the Rainwater Basin Wetland Management District, preserving these very special wildlife habitats.