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The Highlands Scenic Byway is one of those roads, high up in the mountain ridges, where, “on a clear day you can see forever.”  The 19-mile loop between Clifton Forge and Interstate 64 at Lexington, Virginia, will find you meandering through dense dark green expanses of George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, when, every so often, the drive is punctuated with magnificent views as the forest opens up to reveal the valley below.

The stunning 80 foot Falling Spring Falls, which enchanted Thomas Jefferson, is only one of the many waterfalls in the area. In spring, colorful wildflowers carpet the earth.

Highlands Scenic BywayOver 100 miles of hiking trails lead on and off the roadway, to take you through the highland landscape on foot.

If you’re a history buff, learn about the daring raid and narrow escape of Union soldiers during fierce fighting, as Virginia attempted to recapture the rugged mountain highlands, in an area that was dramatically impacted by the Civil War.