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Born in 1926, Route 66 soon became the preferred road west for a nation on the move. During the Great Depression, it became the Road of Flight for farm families escaping the Dust Bowl. Writing in that era, author John Steinbeck christened it the Mother Road. After World War II, the road also carried ex-GIs and their families joining the booming California job market. Housed in a historic firehouse, the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum tells the story of these people on Route 66.  The museum displays significant Illinois artifacts, including the Route 66- A Photo Journal, a series of pictures by Michael Campanelli, that captures the true spirit of road. The Life in the 1940’s exhibits features four rooms, completely furnished with furniture and knick-knacks from the era. The Stage Door Canteen plays vintage 1940’s music, alongside Bob Waldmire’s famous Road Yacht and VW Bus.


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